About Us

  Welcome to Vapor Haus Online, the one stop shop for all your high quality E-juice needs. We carry a variety of E-juice flavors that are all Max-VG and made in an FDA registered lab. We ensure only the highest quality of E-juice as Vapor Haus first and foremost stands by the idea of harm and risk reduction when it comes to nicotine usage. While Vaping is not as healthy as breathing the air, we want provide a less-harmful alternative to smoking as best we can. Our priority is customer satisfaction, and our overall goal is to get you to quit smoking.


  Vapor Haus began as a dream of a healthier lifestyle of our owner and founder JP. Jp wanted to provide top notch service with only the highest quality products, while maintaining a competitive price, and that's just what he did. We have been in business over 5 years now serving the Chicago land and surrounding suburban areas only the highest quality e-juice and vaporizer products. Our goal is to maintain the authenticity and ideas of our founder and we pull no stops to ensure complete satisfaction. 


  Vapor Haus is not a mega-corporation, nor a fortune 500. Vapor Haus is a family owned local business that cares for the community it serves. We are here to stop smoking, and even eventually get our customers to quit nicotine all together. If you come into our business a smoker and leave no longer vaping or smoking, then we have done our job.

We first and foremost promote cutting nicotine out of your life; but we understand it can be difficult to quit cold turkey. Our goal is to provide a means of transition and help you through the rough part of quitting smoking. profits are wonderful, but your satisfaction and healthier life in the end is our goal. If that means you'll quit vaping and shopping from us one day; that's fine by us. We are here to help you QUIT nicotine and smoking, not replace it.