How Much Nicotine should I Get?

When it comes to what Nicotine level to use when vaping there's a plethora of options. Now there's a few things to consider when deciding your nicotine level, so we'll go over that so you can get to picking out some juices!

Firstly, what device are you using?

in the world of vaping all vapes can essentially be separated into 2 different types.

 Sub Ohm and Not Sub Ohm

In simple terms, Sub ohm, otherwise known as the "Cloud Blowers" are types of tanks/coils that produce high amounts of vape. These vaporize liquid at a high rate and have resistance ranges from 0.1 to 0.9. This is usually printed on the coil and packaging. These usually require a high powered device to use, so if your battery has a digital display; it's more than likely sub ohm

TIP:the display on your battery will also show you the resistance of your coil 


A non Sub Ohm Coil and tank rated 1.0 and above would be considered Non-Sub Ohm. These are usually smaller in scale and look like the tradition pen style that's popularly portrayed. They vape at a much lower rate than Sub ohms and provide smaller clouds or puffs of vape.

Once you've found out what your coil is, you can decide a nicotine range.

Sub Ohm tanks: 0mg-6MG of Nicotine

Not Sub Ohm 0mg-24mg

For Sub ohm users the nicotine range is advised to not go above 6MG (you can, we just don't advise it for a risk reduction mentality).

While it's not a genuine 1 to 1 ratio of vape to cigarette, we've found that the chart below is a rough estimate.


Sub Ohm

Social/Light Smoker: 3-4MG

Moderate/Heavy Smoker: 6MG


Non Sub Ohm:

Social/Light Smoker: 3-9MG

Moderate/Heavy Smoker: 12MG and up.